We were asked to support the great HOT WATER MUSIC on their shows in Hamburg and Münster. A band that is considered as a huge influence to many people and bands and, of course, is part of our van playlist since our first tour. It was a pleasure to meet these super humble and down to earth personalities and an honor to share a stage with them and our friends in GOODBYE FAIRGROUND!
Thank you, once more, to everyone involved!

UK TOUR 2018

We spent the last week of the four weeks of the You Used To Be A Safe Place release tour with our lovely friends in BLANKETS on the roads and motorways of the United Kingdom and played shows in Cardiff, Nottingham, Manchester, Worcester and London. It was our second time on the island and once more a great experience. Thank you to every promoter who booked us and Lih Tsan (Capadol) for taking photos!