We are happy to tell you that our second full length record GROWTH is out now!

Writing the lyrics to GROWTH has been challenging. Coming from our last record EAT MY SOUL, I felt an urgent need to be more politically outspoken in our songs.

Growing up on bands like Anti-Flag or Strike Anywhere and learning how to play our instruments to their tracks, leftist ideas became more or less engrained in our way of making music, I guess. Prior to GROWTH I never felt the need to repeat the slogans and topics that our favorite artists had already put so well. 

However, I recently realised that while of course many issues they had already addressed years ago remain relevant, the context has changed dramatically. With the increase of hate crimes against BIPOC and the innate desire of the human race to capitalise and exploit the world until it is burned out, there was nothing I felt like singing and shouting about more.
Reflecting on my own privileges and behaviour, challenging my patterns of thought, and reflecting on our traditions all played a huge role in arriving at a new perspective. 

So here it is, our second full-length, GROWTH. Thank you for taking the time to read this and especially for supporting the band. It really means the world to us.



01. I Grew Up On Easy Street
02. Distant
03. Madre
04. Meat Free Youth
05. Western Dream
06. Konichiwa
07. Sanctuary
08. White Boys Club
09. Disconnected
10. Holy Communion
11. Raccoon City
12. Growth

Thank you for your support!


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