Shoreline Bandfoto with pink background by Frederic Hafner

German emopunk/hardcore outfit SHORELINE are presenting their newest single NEEDLES – a heavy, melancholic icebreaker about a young person navigating their life between late capitalism and the climate crisis. 

Produced and mixed by Chris Teti (Anxious, Fiddlehead…) and mastered by Kris Crummett (Knuckle Puck, Real Friends..) SHORELINE are releasing their most mature sounding piece of music so far, further developing their own style of melodic, heavy and riff based music. 

“we tried really hard to avoid just mimicking already existing music in the genre, especially because it is easy and common as a german band to become just a copy of what is already happening in North America” states singer Hansol Seung. “I do think we managed to create an original piece of music that is influenced by both our experiences in the European music scene and our creative partners such as Chris Teti who has been important for some of the more recent American hardcore records.”

Deeply rooted in the DIY hardcore/punk scene, SHORELINE have been playing over 250 shows (loads of them in squats and basements all across the UK/Europe) in the last couple years and are now getting recognized by a wider audience especially in Germany. The band grew into one of the few European acts playing with scene legends such as Silverstein, Boston Manor or Spanish Love Songs on a regular basis. 

SHORELINE are the first ever mainland European artist to sign to PURE NOISE RECORDS. 

Bandphoto Black and White by Emilia Spitale Unlost Films

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Shoreline on stage crowd goes wild by Gideon Rothmann

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