Shoreline Band with pink background by Frederic Hafner

With great joy we can finally show you our new record TO FIGURE 

I know bands tend to overdo it with superlatives when it comes to announcing stuff, but hear us out. We’re all (or feel haha) still pretty young as people and as a band – the fact that we made it to album no 3 blows our minds. More so, we are eternally grateful for every single one of you who supports our band, buys stuff, comes out to shows. So THANK YOU for ordering the record, telling your friends and spreading the word, we truly appreciate it!

DARIUS is a fast, aggressive but yet innovative hardcore track, making it the heaviest SHORELINE song to date. DARIUS is a reflection on what being a “professional” band means and how the relationship between artist and their art is shifting throughout time. 

“I remember when we started the band all we wanted to do was play live for the sake of playing. Making music for the sake of music. It was very weird and delusional to experience how the music industry works and how people treat you based on numbers and the success you have. Now that we’ve been doing this for a couple of years I notice how I start thinking the same way. A show is not sold out? then it’s not good. We only sold x records on that day? Should do better next time..

Alongside with the record we released a music video for the final single DARIUS:
DARIUS is our reminder to value the experiences we get to share with the band and appreciate what we were allowed to do. It is named after a good friend that we spent playing so many “bad” DIY Europe tours in our early 20s and looking back it was the greatest time.

“With the sound of an empty hall your words become bigger. If it was just you and I – you’d still play, you’d still stay”

Bandphoto Black and White by Emilia Spitale Unlost Films

Available at your favourite streaming service!

Shoreline on stage crowd goes wild by Gideon Rothmann

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