Shoreline Bandfoto with pink background by Frederic Hafner

With great joy we announce our new record TO FIGURE OUT, which will be out February 23rd 2024 on Pure Noise Records.
Pre-Orders are available now through the label store 
We announce the record with our new single SEOUL which is out now on all streaming platforms + a brand new music video.

I know bands tend to overdo it with superlatives when it comes to announcing stuff, but hear us out. We’re all (or feel haha) still pretty young as people and as a band – the fact that we made it to album no 3 blows our mind. More so, we are eternally grateful for every single one of you who supports our band, buys stuff, comes out to shows. So THANK YOU for ordering the record, telling your friends and spreading the word, we truly appreciate it!

SEOUL is about reclaiming my (Hansol) cultural heritage and (re-) connecting with asian-europeans/Asian American folks that I met throughout the years. I was thinking about a fancy way of saying what this song is about, but I’ll put it simple and un-academic. SEOUL is about learning that I don’t need be white to feel accepted.

We want to thank every person that joined us for that video that you can now watch on YouTube, it’s been a special and emotional day of shooting.

Thank you for reading this wall of text. 
SEOUL is out now. 
TO FIGURE OUT is out Feb 23rd.

Bandphoto Black and White by Emilia Spitale Unlost Films

Available at your favourite streaming service!

Shoreline on stage crowd goes wild by Gideon Rothmann

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