On October 14, 2023 we filmed the music video for our new single „SEOUL“.

A song where I (Hansol) talk about my process of coming to terms with my heritage as a Korean-German.

It’s about the meaning of being asian in a western country, what stereotypes you are given and which ones you internalize after a while. And most importantly, how you break away from them and learn to appreciate your cultural roots.

SEOUL is about visibility, empowerment and also the ability to accept and love yourself in an environment where your look and culture is a minority.

For the video shoot, we invited all of our asian friends who live nearby. We wanted to create a big group photo as the central theme for the music video. A total of 15 people came together, most of whom didn’t know each other beforehand.
It was a beautiful, moving meeting for me.

We had prepared a questionnaire in which we tried to find out what people had in common and how they saw themselves. Almost all of them reported similar, negative experiences with racism in everyday life, which was not surprising, but in a certain way reinforcing. I know, of course, that I am not the only person who has these experiences, but being in a room with many who share this perspective was very empowering.

You can read through those questionnaires here and you can find them right next to this text.

On behalf of the whole team, I want to thank all of you again for coming, for your time and sharing your experiences with us.

Chau Truong, Thao Phan, Tươi , Pham Huyen Trang, Nguyen Phuong Thao, Lisa-Lorraine Paulsen, Mikel, Zhu, Désirée Chow, Malin Jerome Weber, Shrey Shah, Ablois, My Tran, Christian Mok, Hoàng việt hùng, Ngoc Huyên Kim

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